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Roger W. Williams

Hi... I am a senior at Georgia State University, pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Software Systems. I'm interested in mobile application development using Android and React Native. I'm also interested in back-end web development.

If you would like to get in touch, send me an email.

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React Native Google Play Games Services
(Open Source)

RNGPGamesServices is an open-source library built for the React Native framework. It is a wrapper around the Google Play Games Services API for Android.

Link to project: Github | NPM Repository

Subscriptions Manager for YT
(Android App)

Subscriptions Manager for YT is an Android application developed to allow youtube users to easily manage and organize their subscriptions.

Link to project: Google Play

Reactions [In-development]
(Android & iOS App)

Android & iOS Mobile application made with the React Native framework. This app gamifies the process of solving and balancing chemical equations.

Link to app: Preview the app

Video Scrubber
(Google Chrome Extension)

A simple extension that gives you more control over how you scrub/skip through YouTube videos.

Link to project: Chrome Web Store

Personal Website
(Web Development)
Technologies used to develop this website:
  • Node.js and Express for web server
  • Dialogflow (for the AI chatbot)
  • Templating engine: Pug
  • Bootstrap 4.1
  • Javascript & jQuery

Education & Courses

Georgia State University
December 2019 (Expected)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. GPA: 3.62
Concentration: Computer Software Systems
Activities & Accomplishments:
  • President's List
Georgia State University, Perimeter College
December 2017 (Graduated)
Associates of Science in Computer Science. GPA: 3.70
Activities & Accomplishments:
  • Dean's List
  • Member of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) initiative
  • Member of Computing & Engineering Club
Notable Courses:
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms (In Progress - Fall 2018)
  • Automata (In Progress - Fall 2018)
  • Computer Architechture (In Progress - Fall 2018)
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Computer Organization & Programming
  • System-Level Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Linear Alegebra I
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Multivariate Calculus
  • Calculus I & II

Skills & Activities

Languages & Technologies
  • Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, Assembly
  • Mobile Development: React Native, Android Development
  • Other tools & technologies: Node.js, jQuery, SQL, Firebase, Dialogflow, WordPress, JSON, XML, SASS, Bootstrap , Git/Github, Gulp, NPM
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), MacOS

This was my first time attending a hackathon. I was on a team of four people, most of whom were also new to the hackathon scene. We had a few challenges with the hardware that was available and what we wanted to accomplish, but in the end, we had a minimum viable product, and we demoed as a team.

Link to project on Devpost: BabysNotHot


Carpenter's Helper
CD Forsythe Home Improvements. Atlanta, GA
Assisted licensed carpenter with:
  • Painting interior & exterior walls & surfaces
  • Flooring: ceramic tile, hardwood
  • Making and remodeling cupboards and cabinets
  • Other woodworking projects
Online Editor
The Collegian (School newspaper). Clarkston, GA
  • Installed, customized, and maintained new WordPress theme
  • Increased traffic and website engagement by over 150%
  • Increased and maintained The Collegian’s online presence through various social media accounts
  • Worked closely with managing editors to format, edit, and publish articles on the website
Server & Kitchen Assistant
Angella's Bar & Restaurant Kingston, Jamaica
Data Entry Clerk
DPK Information Systems Limited. St. Andrew, Jamaica


If you'd like to chat or contact me, my email is rogerwilliams365{at]gmail[dot}com

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